Black Bicycle Farm is a sustainable farm and vineyard in Davis, nestled into the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. Surrounded by arable land, UC Davis, and a population excited by local, sustainable agricultural systems, Black Bicycle Farm has fitted in nicely into the farming community. While still relatively young, Black Bicycle hopes to join the ranks of the Davis Farmers' Market in the next few years. We have our  estate olive oil for sale through our website already, and will launch our first wines and tasting room in June 2018.

Purchased in 2013 from the Meyer Family, Black Bicycle Farm has undergone an immense transformation. The ancestors of the previous owners settled on the land in the 1800s and kept the farm in their name ever since, leasing out the land in recent years. 

The Meadows-Smith Family acquired the farm at the end of 2013 with the intention of cultivating grapevines, fruit, and vegetables on a small scale for personal and local enjoyment.

Our family farm houses 9 acres of wine grapes and 2 acres of fruit trees, with varieties ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon to Dorset Gold Apples to Nectarines. The small vegetable garden produces tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, and more. There are two majestic barn owls living in the rafters of our magnificent barn built in 1860, great horned owls in the trees, hawks and many other birds and birds of prey calling this place home.

We hope to make Black Bicycle Farm the local destination for Davisites and tourists alike. Check the website for updates about our wine launch and new tasting room opening in summer 2018, as well as for opportunities to hold events at the farm and to volunteer at grape and olive harvest.

Marcus and Jenny Meadows-Smith.